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      some manual (unnecessery) free for good manner · 4a28a8de
      anthraxx authored
      its not needed because OS is responsible to cleanup
      mem allocated by terminating process, but its still
      a good manner to explicitly free everything that gets
      yes this is "noise" if it terminates but neither does
      harm to feel being responsible to clean up everything
      ourselves. :)
      at least valgrind is silently happy :P :D
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      C90 compilant commenting style · 76942f69
      anthraxx authored
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      Merge branch 'develop' into 'master' · 496ebd11
      gnomus authored
       nitpicking and better c standard compliant code
      let us...
      ...use the proper main(void) signature.
      ...use variable names which speak for their semantic content not their type, as types are explicitly declared.
      ...use perror() to signal the correct errno message upon error.
      ...move the password out of the running code, so we can change and find it easily.
      ...use exit() as it's a linear CLI tool, which can and should exit on certain failure/error states.
      ...decouple error handling from business logic. (e.g. getline() error handling and strcmp() for password check).
      ...not free() at the end of the program as it **is** and should **never** be necessary, since the OS **must** handle this.
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      Merge branch 'master' into 'master' · e315738b
      gnomus authored
      using printf to avoid \n for pwd input message
      newline after "Please enter Password: " looks strange
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      using printf to avoid \n for pwd input message · 586fa66c
      anthraxx authored
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      Merge branch 'master' into 'master' · 0e62272c
      gnomus authored
      memleak bugfix + cleanup + Makefile
      - memleak bugfix as free() was missing
      - dont call malloc() manually (the old way getline() always called realloc() anyway because of the way the malloc() was written [did not allocate enought memory for the string])
      - small minor cleanup
      - adding simple Makefile to build door challenge
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      adding simple makefile to build door challenge · e5931c0a
      anthraxx authored
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      adding +x to shell-scripts · 6128aef5
      anthraxx authored
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      rename my_string to input_str for better naming · 6a3da815
      anthraxx authored
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      reduce complexity + just free() in a single place · ea0b0d95
      anthraxx authored
      - therefor if the program gets extended, its unlikly that
        someone will forget to call free()
      - also this gets rid of copy-paste free() calls (which look stupid)
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      explicitly import string.h for strcmp() · bf5f9864
      anthraxx authored
      - implicitly declaring library function is bad manner :)
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      fixing memleak of input char* · 320c0928
      anthraxx authored
      - adding missing free() calls
      - dont malloc ourselves as getline() also does a malloc
        (and anyway called realloc before if the size_t was
         smaller then the actual len(input-line) to behaviour
         is the same!)
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