Commit 92d9b315 authored by anthraxx's avatar anthraxx
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display: make clear call always optional

parent a739cfb0
...@@ -9,15 +9,17 @@ class HIDrawDisplay(object): ...@@ -9,15 +9,17 @@ class HIDrawDisplay(object):
def show_raw_message(self, message): def show_raw_message(self, message):
self.__send_command__(str.encode(message)) self.__send_command__(str.encode(message))
def show_welcome(self): def show_welcome(self, clear=True):
self.clear() if clear:
self.set_position(6, 1) self.set_position(6, 1)
self.show_raw_message("Welcome to") self.show_raw_message("Welcome to")
self.set_position(6, 2) self.set_position(6, 2)
self.show_raw_message("foobarpay!") self.show_raw_message("foobarpay!")
def show_message(self, message): def show_message(self, message, clear=True):
self.clear() if clear:
self.set_position(1, 1) self.set_position(1, 1)
self.show_raw_message(message) self.show_raw_message(message)
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